Sunny & Evyan

Hello! Thanks for dropping by. We're all about helping out loved ones and since Seashore Homes is about home and family (chosen or otherwise), we love being on board to share our expertise in digital media, home design, renovations, staging, and home-buying therapy (yep, Sunny used to be a therapist, Evyan (pronounced EH-VEE-UN) was a teacher)!

SUNNY HERE! I believe "home" means something different to each person and is a fundamental part of who we are. This is why I agree with my dad, Roland, that a real estate brokerage is more than a house-buying office and a broker is way more than a salesperson. This is about real people, real lives and the outcomes that affect them. I love being a part of that experience by helping Seashore Homes behind the scenes and creating our online presence to reflect our ethos.

EVYAN HERE! I'll be back to finish this soon but right now my dog Steven needs a walk...BRB...